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How-to-Become-and-Stay-the-Go-To-Dentist-in-Your-Local-Area-BookGet your copy of How to Become and Stay the "Go to" Dentist in Your Local Area (valued at $49)!

FREE-Local-Marketing-for-Australian-Dentists-Book-smallIncludes a FREE copy of the popular book, “Local Marketing for Australian Dentists” – a further $29 in value

The Awful Truth About Online Marketing for Dentists

(and Why Choosing the Right Company Will Make or Break Your Practice)

No longer is being a good dentist enough to guarantee a steady stream of patients and a strong, vibrant practice.

Those days are gone. They are never coming back.

And the reality is…

As you read this, your local competitors are actively plotting to steal your patients.

And every local area has a small number of dentists for a finite number of potential patients – only ONE practice will dominate a local area.

So you have to choose the RIGHT company with a proven track record in dental marketing, who understands the nuances of the Australian market.

Many US-based companies, for instance, are very good but the rules and regulations governing marketing in the US are different here. So much so, if you adopted some of the American tactics, you could lose your license!

It makes your choice of marketing company to partner with EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

If you want to be the dominator and remain the dominator, you’re in the right place.

We specialise in working ONLY with dentists. And ONLY one per local area.

We do this by helping you market online more effectively with a tailored strategy to suit your location and business size. Local online marketing goes way beyond general SEO.

We call this your Local Online Domination Blueprint.

And it comprises…

Local map search optimization
Website built for NOW not 2010 which means mobile design FIRST
Focused and dedicated Social Media strategy
Regular multi-media content
Reputation Management
New patient acquisition strategies
Google analytics, tracking and webmaster monitoring tools
Competitive Analysis Report
We do all of this and a whole lot more, based on what’s CURRENT now and where the attention span of your patients is which is unlike many agencies who still market like it’s 2005!
Clients Testimonials

Increased number of web bookings almost 100% !

“Just this week alone we have increased number of our web bookings almost 100%. We are growing! Charles delivers real results, real advice, real support and I back him 150%. His response to my emails and follow ups are lightning fast, and he really goes above and beyond my expectations time and time again with his outstanding work ethic. With Charles, there was no risk in the first month, and he offered “100% No Questions Ask Money Back Guarantee” and no contracts, so I took a chance with him and have never looked back. In fact, I wish I had met him earlier. There is no one I am aware of that is as knowledgeable on the most cutting edge local internet marketing strategies to thrive online as Charles. If you are dentist who has been searching for someone you can trust with your dental clinic online positioning with real results, he is your guy”.

Dr. Arto Asadurian, Simply Smiles Dental, Melbourne

How to Become and Stay the Go To Dentist in Your Local Area Book


Get your copy of How to Become and Stay the "Go To" Dentist in Your Local Area (Valued at $49)

Includes a FREE copy of the popular book, “Local Marketing for Australian Dentists” – a further $29 in value!

We understand there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to online marketing. Chances are you have tried a few already. Or even had a go yourself.

Those days are over for any entrepreneurial dentist who wants to dominate.

It’s time to get the Dental Marketing Expert team working for you.

Here’s why…

We are:
The 1-stop digital agency for dentists in Australia
We do it all to make ONE dentist in each local area the DOMINATOR online
We specialise in working with dentists and provide custom solutions just for the dental industry in Australia
We are not:
NOT an American company which sells US online solutions which can cause you to lose your dental licence due to the stricter regulations in Australia
NOT a shady SEO “spammer” company that gets you slapped by Google
NOT a “cheapo agency” that charges a small fee with nothing to show for (most of the low cost services can’t deliver good ROI due to the complexity of local online marketing systems and the high cost of delivery)
NOT one of those agencies that shackles you for 6 months and does not deliver any value and any new bookings
NOT a massive agency hard to contact and has a huge staff turnover so you don’t even know who to contact
NOT a generic website design agency who does not understand online local marketing principles to deliver ongoing stream of patients online
NOT an agency that tries to dazzle you with techno-geek speak – we communicate in plain English so you understand everything every step of the way
And we are the ONLY dental marketing agency in Australia to…
Waive the usual Set-up fee of $3,000 – you start on the monthly rate!!
Create for you for FREE a HIGH CONVERSION Dental Website valued at $3,500 (combined with #1 above that’s $6,500 saved by you!)
Offer Area Exclusivity so there is no conflict of interest
GUARANTEE between 1 and 15 NEW patients per week online (see below for details)
Give you the peace of mind of no lock in contracts – in the unlikely event you don’t love what we do for you, just let us know and you’re free to go… why would we want to work with anyone who doesn’t want to work with us!

Yes, wow!

It’s why we’re sought after by dentists all over the country.

Here’s the last, most important thing. Unlike many in the online marketing space we GUARANTEE everything we do…

The Dental Marketing Expert
“Professional to Professional”
9-Point Dentist Satisfaction Guarantee

You’re fully covered by our industry leading “Professional to Professional” guarantee which removes any risk on your part and ensures you receive value beyond the services we provide. Here’s how it works…

  1. We GUARANTEE you’ll get AREA EXCLUSIVITY because we will work with no other dentist in your area/main suburb for as long as we work with you – yes, this limits our market reach but it ensures you get value out of the service you invest in!
  2. We GUARANTEE your work will always be COMPLETED ON SCHEDULE, according to the timelines given.
  3. We GUARANTEE you will be treated PROFESSIONALLY AND COURTEOUSLY at ALL times.
  4. We GUARANTEE Rapid Response to Inquiries, within 24 hours.
  5. We GUARANTEE a smooth, HASSLE-FREE PROCESS from start to finish.
  6. We GUARANTEE to ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS openly and honestly, in plain English free from “geek speak”.
  7. We GUARANTEE to work with you in relation to the current Australian local online marketing Regulations and Laws
  8. We GUARANTEE complete flexibility with NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS.
  9. We GUARANTEE by the 7 months of working with us you will receive between 1 and 15 NEW online patient bookings per week. In the unlikely event we haven’t lived up to this result, I’ll pay out of my own pocket $200 worth of Facebook advertising for FREE until you do. And… I’ll even waive the Facebook $500 management fee (that’s a total value of $700.00 per month until you receive 1-15 new online patient bookings!).

You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. No one else in the industry matches this promise.


Please be aware this is not a magic pill or quick fix.

Just like marketing in the offline world, creating transparency and exposure on the Internet takes time.

The search engines reward companies who have consistency. Therefore, local search engine optimisation doesn’t yield immediate results.

In most cases, Dental Marketing Expert requires a minimum of six months to achieve desired results.

WARNING: if any service provider guarantees you instant ranking in Google and immediate patient activity avoid them at all costs. Doing this properly and ethically (so you don’t get “Google slapped”) takes time and a high level of skill and expertise.

To get the local area experts marketing for your practice, here’s a no cost, no obligation, risk free next step…



How-to-Become-and-Stay-the-Go-To-Dentist-in-Your-Local-Area-BookGet your copy of How to Become and Stay the "Go to" Dentist in Your Local Area (valued at $49)!

FREE-Local-Marketing-for-Australian-Dentists-Book-smallIncludes a FREE copy of the popular book, “Local Marketing for Australian Dentists” – a further $29 in value