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20 Best WordPress Plugins To Use For Your Dental Website

Here is my NEW LIST of 20 Best WordPress Plugins. This list was fully tested on my own sites, and I am currently running a large number of dental websites using the same setup.

To have your site running fast and secure, keep the number of plugins to a minimum and make sure they are updated.

Also, always use the most recent version of WordPress for maximum security.

Installing the 20 “Best WordPress Plugins” will result in your dental website getting better security, more functionality, SEO features and a lot more with a small price to pay.

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Checklist For Your Dental Website

Check our 11 point checklist below to see how well your website is performing today.

  1. Do you have your physical address in the footer on every page of your website?
    Footer is a perfect place for your address, map, terms and conditions, privacy policy, sitemap and social media links.
  2. Is your phone number displayed near the top of your website?
    Insert your phone number in the header of your website and include a benefit driven headline; make your logo smaller if necessary.
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